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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Feature Esty Seller- Zemphira

Zemphira has a really cute shop with handcrafted items that include aprons, coffee cozy, headbands and baby bibs. I think my favorite items in her shop is the coffee cozy, what a great idea. Stop by a take a peak at what Zemphira has in her shop.

I am me! I was a teacher in Eek, Alaska but now I stay at home with my 3 babes. I sew when I can (and even when I can't). I have been crafting forever - My favorite doll lost her legs (and fell into a duck pond, but that is another story) and so she needed a dress. That dress started out as an old purple sock - and then I got a sewing machine! I got to make Mindy dresses - she was better of with the sock! Anything and everything feeds my imagination, I can't help it. I love to create, and give gifts, and friends and family always tell me that I should sell my stuff. I came accross an ad for Etsy, and I thought it was a safe enough setting for me to give the business world a go. I have been published in Sew Somerset, Stampers Sampler, and Somerset Memories. I have not found an effective marketing venue yet. I'm not very good at setting or keeping goals - I would like - I tried, but I can't think of anything. I am pretty happy with how things are going right now. I have not sold my products to other sites.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blog Feature Bliss Candles

Bliss Candles is my newest shop up for a blog feature. She has a large variety of wonderful candles to choose from. She also packages her candles giving you a price break when you purchase more than one. I found her top selling candle, so you might want to stop by her shop and check out what she has to offer.

Who are you? I have a wonderful handcrafted soy candle business out of Grand Haven, Michigan called Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts. I focus on providing an exceptional quality product while offering items that are decorative and beautiful at the same time.

How long have you been crafting? I have been in business since 2004 and continue to grow by leaps and bounds!

What feeds your imagination? I have always loved decorating and am a professed candle addict. Those two things along with being crafty by nature are what drive me to come up with new lines. I like being different which is one thing that distinguishes me from the rest. My obsession with offering the best quality product around is also a major contributor to what I offer in my product line.

What made you decide to make your crafting a business? It is rather humorous. I actually starting making candles for myself and made too many. Yes, I go a little overboard with things in my life! I started giving them away to friends and then I just plain had too many. Everyone was raving about them and I had a mountain of candles in my house so I did a craft show at Garfield Park to get rid of them. Well..the response was overwhelming! People ranted and raved and it was clear they liked the fact that my product was different and of a higher quality than others. So I kept on going until I established such a “fan base” that I couldn’t stop! I have thousands of customers now, wholesale accounts, fundraisers, and the whole bit so now I’m really on a roll

How did you find etsy? My friend Anne – - told me how well she does on Etsy. I was skeptical at first and actually tried it out briefly, finding that it didn’t work for me. I came back this year in April and worked hard and voila…I’m doing quite well! I find if you put the time into Etsy and follow all of the tricks that people put out there, you can be extremely successful. If I didn’t work full-time, I am convinced I could do ten times better – seriously!

Have you ever been published in a magazine? No, but I keep trying to figure out ways to get to Oprah because she loves soy candles. She uses Beanpod and while they are great, mine are so much better. I just have to get it past her staff – ha!

What is your most effective marketing venue? Blogging, the forums, and treasuries. Up until three weeks ago, I didn’t have a clue about what a blog really was. If you keep them updated and you market, they are an incredible tool. I am getting orders on my main website now which rarely happened unless it was someone local who saw me at a show! With the forums, you really need to get out there and help others out. Participate in conversations. I do whatever I can. Treasuries are another fantastic tool to get the word out and let people know you are out there.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now? Like most, to still be in business. One goal is repeat business. While my time is limited, I do my best to get orders out within a week and I always try to communicate as much as possible with my customers. Customer service is huge for me. I would love to see 500 sales by this time next year! Etsy is such a huge venue that I would also like to see 200 new customers by the end of 2009.

Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses? I do! I have my own website – and I do have my candles in stores! I have a list of stores on my site but I have sold to establishments in Grand Haven (Michigan), Pennsylvania, Canada, and California. I am also working on getting into fundraisers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two New Pair of Wire Wrapped Cabochon Earrings

I really love wire wrapping cabochons, and I just finished listing these in my esty shop.I finally received my sterling silver wire in the mail and I was able to create these two new pair of earrings. I have a collections of cabochons and deciding what to wire wrap next is a lot of fun. I usually lay them all out on my work station and fondle them and try to decide how I will wrap them. I like to design them each a little differently. The first pair is a pair of wire wrapped cabochons with
turquoise ovals.

The second pair is also an oval cabochon in black onyx. Each pair measures 1 1/2 long not including the ear wire. Thanks for stopping by my shop and taking a look around.

Soap Deli - Giveaway

This is really a great giveaway by Rebecca at Soapdeli.
She is giving away a bar of Lemon Verbena Salt Bar, so stop by her shop and find your favorite and come back here to comment. The giveaway ends on October 21. The winner will be chosen by

Enter to win a bar of Lemon Verbena Soap from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen! This bar is Rebecca's favorite. It's a nice hard bar that lasts a really long time. This is the perfect soap for dry or troubled skin. Great as a facial bar or all over, this bar contains both shea and cocoa butters as well as an abundance of skin loving oils such as Olive and Rice Bran, both known for their moisturizing properties. It also contains sea salt, known for it's healing properties. It leaves behind a bit of excess oil to smooth and rehydrate your skin. Leaves you feeling moisturized, not oily or greasy. It also makes a great shampoo bar.

The Lemon Verbena Salt Bar is naturally scented to smell like Lemon Verbena. It contains no artificial fragrances or colors and is all natural. This bar is scented with a blend of Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit essential oils. Bar weighs 4oz. - 4.5oz. All natural except for fragrance. Vegan. To enter to win this soap just comment with your favorite item from Rebecca's shop. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents ages 18 and up.

Feature on Etsy Seller SoapDeli

I just love the bath and body shops on etsy. I really love the way their soap look like pieces of art, and they are so wonderfully soft and smell great. Here is a seller that has handmade bath products. Here shop is Soapdeli . Take a peek at her bath products, because I'm sure she has some you might want to try or buy for some on your Christmas list.

Who are you?
My name is Rebecca and I am a full time soapmaker. I have a BA in fine art and I love to read. I also have a soon to be 12 year old boy who is too smart for his own good and a super tech geeky husband. I also struggle with agoraphobia.

How long have you been crafting?
Since I was little. I used to love to draw little cities on paper with lots of roads for toys cars to drive on. I'd tape a bunch of them all together so I had lots of play room. I have dabbled in a bit of everything. Drawing, painting, pottery, graphic design, and photography.

What feeds your imagination?
Scents that make smell heavenly. I love to try new scents in my soaps! I hope to always carry scents that will make someone happy even if it only is in the shower!

What made you decide to make your crafting a business?
Really I don't know. I just decided to start a biz one day out of the blue. My doctor just diagnosed me as bipolar - which explains a lot - so it was probably a a positive side effect of a manic outburst.

How did you find etsy?
Through the craftster forum a LONGGGG time ago. I signed up while etsy was in its infancy, but didn't start selling until much later. I started out selling art work and note card sets. This is my first year I've focused selling on etsy full time.

Have you ever been published in a magazine?
A really really long time ago. I was part of a feature article about 'zines in a girl's mag called Blue Jean Magazine. They're not around anymore.

What is your most effective marketing venue?
Face to face. I talk to people I see and give them my business cards or a sample. Also word of mouth from happy customers has brought me a whole lot of business.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now?
I hope to make sell at least $1500 - $2000 a month on etsy a year from now to match what I make now in offline sales. Of course, I'd also like to double my offline sales as well.

Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses?
I sell regularly at least three days a week year round on my local city market. I also have my soaps in two local shops.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Randi100 Blog Feature

Randi has photography, name signs and few other assorted items in her shop. Take a look around her shop to see what she has that you might be interested in.

I am Randi Eccleston and I love in NC. Married for 11 years and a mom. I have been crafting for about 7 years, when my first daughter was born. My children always feed my imagination. Really, life in general inspires me, I never know when or where my next idea will come from. I decided to make my crafting a business when I left teaching this May after 15 years. Now, I have more time to devote to the business. I found etsy after doing a search on how to sell crafts. I have never been published in a magazine but it is on my list of goals. I have found that word of mouth is the best way to do marketing. One year from now I would like to have a highly successful etsy business and I would like to be in some retail stores, right now I am just selling on etsy.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tutorial- Wire Wrapping Cord Ends

In this new tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to wire wrap cord ends. The technique is used to wire wrap a coil to end a necklace using different types of cords such as leather, ribbon or satin.

The tools needed are cutting pliers, round nose pliers, needle nose pliers, and duck nose pliers.

You will also need about 12" of wire. I'm using 24 gauge in this tutorial. It's easy to work, and you could use 22 gauge wire also, if you want a little heavier wire. You will also need a clasp, or you could make a hook clasp.

The first step take your wire and make a loop using your round nose pliers about 1" from the end.

Step 2- take your cord that you will be using for your necklace and slide the
about 1/2" of the cord end through the loop. Position the wire so that the short piece of the wire lays straight along the cord. You will see in my picture that the short piece of wire in laying under the loop. So when you wrap the long piece it is held in place.

Step 3 Use your duck bill pliers to hold the end with the cord end and using your needle nose pliers to wrap the wire around your cord.

Here is how the cord and wire look after a couple of wraps.

Continue wrapping the wire and pushing the wire against the other wire to keep them tight. It's easier to push the wire when you use this gauge wire. After you have 6 wraps cut you short piece of wire off and continue to wrap until you have around 10 wraps. Then cut off your wire, and smooth the edge against your cord.

Next you are ready to wire wrap the other cord with with the clasp. You will need to take your wire and wrap a loop about 1" from the end just like the first cord and put your clasp in the loop.

The next step is the same as before when you add your cord, slide the cord end through the loop making sure the short piece of wire is under the loop. And wrap the long end of the wire around your cord. Make sure you keep your wire snug against your wire while wrapping, by pushing the wire as you wrap.

Wrap your coil the same amount of wraps in the first so the cord ends will match.

When finished, cut your cord end of near the top of loop. You can burn the ends or cut them wire scissors.