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Friday, September 5, 2008

MorningStarArts Blog Feature

Amy has an etsy shop called Morning Star Arts and has some lamp worked beads. Here are couple of pieces in her shop. Take a look around her shop to see what she has.

Who are you? I'm Amy Giannini, a wife, homeschooling mother of four sons (two in college now), and transplant to rural MN, originally a Californian.

How long have you been crafting? All my life; my family was very supportive of creativity in all areas. I have been making jewelry for about five years now, ever since my husband started making lampworked beads and convinced me to take a "beads and wire" class!

What feeds your imagination? Everything, but especially the beads themselves. Like all the beaders I know, I have quite a stash and I love to go through them looking for a combination that "clicks".

What made you decide to make your crafting a business? Too much inventory! It has to go somewhere, right? I'd given everyone gifts, and had more than enough jewelry myself, so thought maybe I could branch out and try supporting my hobby.

How did you find etsy? It was mentioned in a newspaper article. At this point I can't even remember what the focus of the article was, but I'm sure glad I read it.

Have you ever been published in a magazine? No, but I've recently been contacted by a catalog company about marketing through them.

What is your most effective marketing venue? So far art fairs and stores, both consignment and wholesale.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now? To actually sell as much jewelry as I make!!

Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses? Not online, although the catalog which may carry a couple of my products in the future is both paper and online.
I do sell at several boutiques as mentioned above.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Samantha17 Blog Feature

Audrey has a shop here on etsy called Samantha17 where she makes jewelry. I found a couple a really pretty pieces to show you. Take a look around her shop to see all she has to offer.

Hi my name is Audrey, I love creating new pieces of jewelery, a little different and colorful. I have been making jewelery for about two years and have enjoyed every moment of it, its like i get lost in my own wee world twisting, turning and adding beads. Sterling silver with gemstones and swarovski crystals just seem so elegant and sparkly. My friend introduced me to etsy, and I thought why not. Chatting to people all over the world is great fun. Etsy and jewelery are my hobbies,hope to sell loads and make great friends.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Day In Etsy

All of us sellers on etsy spend our days pretty much the same way I'm starting to think. We all obsess over our shops just like a brick and mortar shop would. We start our day by checking to see if we had a sales during the night and if we did, the dance begins and our days seems even a little brighter.
Most of us spend the rest of the day creating new pieces and again checking to see if we had any sales. Pretty much the daily ritual of the checking our email to see if there is any emails that need to be answered. We take many photos of our new pieces to add to our shop hoping that it's just the perfect angle or composition of pique a buyers interest.

Well, here is a treasury with some of my favorite brown pieces in the shops of the fellow team members of Artisan Beaders Team and the One A Day Challenge teams that I belong.

Freshline Blog Feature

Colleen at Freshline has really cute greeting cards. Here are a couple of cards that I found for you to preview her work. Make sure to stop by her shop and take a look around at the rest of her beautiful greeting cards.

Who are you?
I'm Colleen Johnson owner/designer/illustrator of Freshline Illustration. I enjoy creating new prints, greeting cards, and other paper goods every day!

How long have you been illustrating?
I've been illustrating as long as I can remember. It's always been in me to create. I went to design school and am a professionally trained Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Freshline Illustration was started will I was in design school.

What feeds your imagination?
I find inspiration in so many things. Going to a bookstore to browse through the magazines & books, card shops, trips, being outdoors, people watching, and so much more.

What made you decide to make your crafting a business?
During college I started accepting freelance illustrating projects and haven't stopped since then. I enjoy working with so many different clients and working on custom projects. Etsy is a wonderful place to showcase your work to many people.

How did you find etsy?
I heard about it from a friend.

Have you ever been published in a magazine?
Yes, my illustrations have been published in a few magazines as spot illustrations. I hope to do more work in the future.

What is your most effective marketing venue?
Etsy, my blog ( and word of mouth.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now?
To keep creating new and fresh paper goods for my etsy shop.

Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses?
Etsy ( and my blog

Monday, September 1, 2008


Allie has the most gorgeous photos in her shop and she donates a portion to local charitable organizations. I chose a couple of photos in her shop, but it was really hard to only choose two. Take a look at what she has to offer in her shop. I believe you will be in awe of her photography.

Who are you? I am a stay-at-home mom of four terrific children, which is quite a change from being a full time pediatrician. I have been home now for two years, and am really enjoying being with my children. Something didn't quite make sense to me about being in the hospital, taking care of other children, while I was missing putting my own children to bed. This change has given me the opportunity to focus on my photography, which is a joy in itself. I am trying, through this Etsy shop, and through local charitable organizations to continue to be an advocate for children - one of my favorite parts of being a pediatrician. I am working on developing relationships with additional charities so my etsy customers will be able to designate which group their purchase will benefit.

How long have you been crafting? I have been taking photographs since I was about 12 years old, and have been actively pursuing this dream for about the last two and a half years.

What feeds your imagination? I am in awe of the beauty all around us. And love to experience the diversity of people and cultures. I am also inspired by the joy, innocence and spontanaeity of childhood. I get a lot of inspiration from the books my kids and I read together and their incredible imaginations. You can see several items in my shop directly inspired by their stories! Check out Jazz Mizzell and the fox!

What made you decide to make your crafting a business? The opportunity came to me when I started staying at home. Also, at about the same time, I received encouragement from friends and family.

How did you find etsy? A family member has a shop here (lillitutu - Whitney is my cousin's very talented wife.) She introduced me to Etsy.

Have you ever been published? Not yet!

What is your most effective marketing venue? So far, Etsy has been, but I am beginning to participate in local art shows as well.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now? I would love to continue to develop relationships here on Etsy and to become a more active member of the groups I have joined here: Photographers of Etsy (POE), Etsy for Charity, and Fabulous Artistic Moms (FAM). I learn so much from Etsy's talented artists!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shiny Adornments Blog Feature

Kristy is a friend of mine on the Artisan Beaders Team. Her jewelry is really awesome and I know will want to see all she has to offer in her shop shop.

Who are you?
Kristy Smith aka ShinyAdornments

How long have you been crafting?
Well, crafting? All my life. I’ve sewed, knitted, woodworked, love to create stained glass panels, faux painted, LOTs and LOTs of home improvement projects, and most recently acquired a love of jewelry creation. I discovered wire wrapping a bit over a year ago and dove head first into learning all I could.

What feeds your imagination?
I find inspiration in the wildflowers I drove past this morning on the way to work or the suit I just bought that needs the perfect accessory or the strange dream I had last night. I am also inspired by art and COLOR. I love color. :-)

I like jewelry that makes a statement. So when I wear jewelry, I WEAR jewelry. :-) Those that know me would say I am definitely NOT a shrinking violet (ok, no comments from the peanut gallery) and my jewelry generally reflects that attitude.

What made you decide to make your crafting a business?
It seemed a sensible step, although my friends and family might not say I was the most sensible person at all times. LOL I started selling to my co-workers, and since they are not all in the same state, it made sense to post images of my work online for them to see. It just sort of grew from there.

How did you find etsy?
I belong to the Starving Artists forum , and many of its very talented members have etsy shops. I really love the camaraderie of SA and found a similar experience with folks I met on etsy. Its nice to know that those of us of a ‘certain’ age can find other like minded individual artists in pretty big numbers. It’s a nice community to belong.

Have you ever been published in a magazine?
Also featured on several blogs, including Cuteable

What is your most effective marketing venue?
The smart and talented women I work with purchase most of my creations. They are a fabulous group that inspire me every day. I’ve discovered blogging and included Project Wonderful and entrecard space on my blog. By far, this has been my best non-coworker marketing avenue. I’ve sold quite a few things to wonderful customers that discovered by work via my blog.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now?
I would like to spend more time creating and less time marketing, but, realistically, I don’t know that it is possible.

Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses?
I am experimenting with Ruby Lane in addition to my etsy shop

You can find more about me on my blog at