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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pearl Dreams Gets A New Home

I sold one of my favorite necklaces today. I made this necklace only a couple of months ago when I was learning a new technique from one of my tutorials that I had purchased. I had gotten many compliments and also a lot of views in my shop. I had been doing a trunk show at the shop on main street that I consign my jewelry. Well, on Saturday a lady was trying it on and said she would be back later in the day because she had forgotten her credit card. I left the necklace at the shop for her to come back and she did today, which is the first day the shop was open again since their weekend is on Sunday and Monday. I was really happy and it made my day. Well, I'm planning a new necklace, but just don't know what gemstones it will be yet. Here is the necklace. It was named "Pearl Dreams".

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Promotional Items

Recently I stumbled upon the threads in etsy about the Little Black Boxes. The Little Black Boxes is a website that you can buy boxes that include promotional sample items that sellers donate to her. There are many different types of promotional items that you could receive for a great price of only $23.00. There is approximately 15 to 20 items in the bag. Some of the items include samples size candles, soaps, greeting cards, bookmarks, jewelry and other items.
Well, after a couple of weeks of trying to decide what to donate I finally came up with my promotional item. I have been working on my earrings and will have it ready in a week for the mailing. I'm making earrings and my goal is 75 pairs of earrings for the opportunity to get exposure to my shop. I'm hoping that I will get a lot of new buyers attracted to my shop in time for the holiday season. Boxes go on sale monthly. Here is the link to the Little Black Box.