slide show of CC Design's Jewelry

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I was commenting in the thread with the group I joined about 2 months ago called One A Day Challenge where they were posting pictures of their work space. I added mine to the post and decided that maybe some of my readers would care to see where I actually make my jewelry. I actually have only had this space about 6 months, since it used to be my son's room. Well, he moved out and there was no reason for me to keep my little closet with no windows as my office space. I moved into a new space to call my new office, a room with a view. I feel a lot more productive as well as happy to see the outside. People passing by, the mailman delivering mail, neighbors walking their dog and the trash man. Although I think all dogs hate the trash man or maybe its just that you can hear them coming all the way down the block, because that is about the only time my dog barks like a fool.

This is it I took 3 pictures, one has my bookcase, one has a really clean desk, because I'm anal about people seeing my desk dirty. And the 3rd is my computer desk.
I guess I will get my nerve up soon and take a picture of a messy desk. LOL