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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Wire Wrapped Pendant

This is a new wire wrapped pendant that I wire wrapped today. I have been using many of my existing supplies as a goal and challenge. So, every couple of days I dig into my treasure of supplies drawers and containers to see what looks like I want to create next. I have been collecting beads for more than 10 years of over spending with big eyes in supply catalogs. I definitely am a bead hoarder. I have even been selling off some of my extra beads to destash some of these little lovlies so I can buy more. What a great vicious cycle.

Well, this wire wrapped cabochon pendant is wrapped with fine gauge copper wire in a basket weave, I have been dying to learn this technique and found it to be easier that I had expected. My fingers got really tired and sore from all of the wire wrapping to keep the wire tight. The cabochon is a banded agate that is 40mm x 30mm. The combination is very striking.
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