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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 15 One a day challenge

Well, today was a real challenge. I think sometimes wire has a way of being obnoxious. It just wouldn't cooperate for anything today. I really thought I was going to have to give up on today's project and create something less of a challenge. I just couldn't let the wire win so I took a break and finally made it happen. Oh my, Am I so glad I continued on the project. It is one of my most favorite wire wrapped cabochons I have ever wrapped. It is so beautiful! It is a 1 1/2" round in diameter Chrysanthemum gemstone cabochon that I wire wrapped in copper coated artistic brand wire. I love the swirls on the bottom. Here is the pendant.

Day 14- One a day challenge

Well, it's now halfway through the challenge. I have made a lot of new pieces of jewelry. I was hoping to have more luck in the sales part of the challenge, but that's going to get better hopefully. I was lucky enough to sell my "Pretty Pearls" earrings the same day I listed them. I was really happy about that. So I didn't get a chance to post my ring that I made yesterday for the challenge. It's a sterling silver ring with amethyst beads. I really love amethyst, since it's so close to my birthstone. I really love the color purple, which is one of my most favorite colors. I have a lot of favorite colors. Here is my amethyst ring. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my challenge piece.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 13 One a day challenge

I finally got caught up with the challenge. I have been lagging a day behind for several days. there were so many personal things in my life that had been keeping me from working during the day. I know that I get behind again, but I think that is only natural. This challenge has been a great inspiration for me in more than one way. I have been able to stock my etsy shop, create pieces of jewelry that have been waiting for there turn to be completed and other pieces of jewelry will be making a debut out of my storage bins. Some of the beads are now laying on my desk just looking at me with those wanting expectations of becoming a new piece of jewelry. Today is a pair of pretty pearl earrings. While these will be great for any occasion, I think they would also be great for a bride. Here are my "Pretty Pearls" earrings for day.

Day 12 One a day Clallenge

I have a pair of chandelier earrings that have shades of blue oval cats eye beads that graduate in color shades of blue to the darkest of shades of blue. Each dangle is accented with a blue crystal. I really love the ways these earrings turned out. Stop by my etsy shop and check out my "Noches Azules Earrings" .

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 11 One a day challenge

My challenge piece for day 11 is a wire wrapped cabochon pendant. I also decided to include this pendant in my etsyBEAD theme of the week sale . I'm still running a day behind so I hope to catch up later today. Thanks for looking.

etsyBEAD theme is "D is for Delicious"

I have a few delicious pieces of jewelry that I have decided to put on sale for our theme. I marked them down 35% for your convenience. That's a savings! So here is a sample of a few of my sale items and the rest can be found in my Sale Section". I have a couple of pairs of earrings, and a pendant.

Thanks for looking.