slide show of CC Design's Jewelry

Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Safari

This week the estyBEAD team is featuring jewelry sales on the wild side. Our theme is "Spring Safari". I have 4 pieces of jewelry that I thought would be perfect for this week's sale. One of my most favorite pieces is my tigers eye coiled bangle bracelet. I used silver tone wire and also made it adjustable so it would fit. I also love the dangles on the end of this bracelet. I used the herringbone weave around the tiger eye gemstone to give it a dramatic look. Well, it turns out one of my etsyBEAD team members curated a treasury and featured my bracelet in the treasury. This treasury will be up for a couple more days and you can click on the title if you would like to check it and see some of the great "Spring Safari" themed jewelry that is on sale. My bracelet in on the 3rd row down in the middle.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Safari

This week the etsyBEAD team theme is "Spring Safari". We have related jewelry items on sale. I have a few jewelry pieces to start the sale off with pieces that have never been on sale before. I have my bracelet with silver coiled wire and a tiger eye gemstone that has been wrapped in a herringbone style, my tiger eye wire wrapped sterling silver ring, and a leopard jasper ring. I hope you stop by my stop and browse what I have to offer. I'm going to add a couple more pieces to the sale during the week as time allows. Click on the title and the link will take you to my shop's theme of the week section jewelry.