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Friday, October 17, 2008

Calming April Showers Bracelet

Calming April Showers reminds me of that spring day where the sky is such a pretty blue and then the darkness comes thru the sky, pours down and then the sky is white and blue again. This gorgeous bracelet design was inspired by eni oken's design tutorials. This bracelet has smokey quartz, amazonite oval and coin shape gemstones, grey quartz, bali silver beads and freshwater pearl and silver bead accent.
Finally finished! I purchased the focal beads last year to make this bracelet. You are probably wondering why does it take me so long to finally get to it. It was because I really wasn't entirely positive that I would have the color scheme perfect. I'm glad I waited. I'm so impressed with the results again! I had trouble designing the bracelet to fit a smaller person, but the size of the beads command a larger wrist. My next one I design will be smaller. I have the design already in mind, but there are so many other projects that are in front of the line. I'm hoping that soon someone will find this piece a treasure they cant live without. Stop by my shop and see some of my other wire wrapped pieces, and thanks for visiting my blog.


Bagladee said...

what a pretty bracelet!! xx

Orion Designs said...

Amazingly intricate wire work Cori! I love the bracelet and the name of it -- perfect.

Brenda said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog.
Your bracelet is sooo gorgeous! Beautiful work Cori! :)