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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Freshline Blog Feature

Colleen at Freshline has really cute greeting cards. Here are a couple of cards that I found for you to preview her work. Make sure to stop by her shop and take a look around at the rest of her beautiful greeting cards.

Who are you?
I'm Colleen Johnson owner/designer/illustrator of Freshline Illustration. I enjoy creating new prints, greeting cards, and other paper goods every day!

How long have you been illustrating?
I've been illustrating as long as I can remember. It's always been in me to create. I went to design school and am a professionally trained Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Freshline Illustration was started will I was in design school.

What feeds your imagination?
I find inspiration in so many things. Going to a bookstore to browse through the magazines & books, card shops, trips, being outdoors, people watching, and so much more.

What made you decide to make your crafting a business?
During college I started accepting freelance illustrating projects and haven't stopped since then. I enjoy working with so many different clients and working on custom projects. Etsy is a wonderful place to showcase your work to many people.

How did you find etsy?
I heard about it from a friend.

Have you ever been published in a magazine?
Yes, my illustrations have been published in a few magazines as spot illustrations. I hope to do more work in the future.

What is your most effective marketing venue?
Etsy, my blog ( and word of mouth.

What is your goal for your business 1 year from now?
To keep creating new and fresh paper goods for my etsy shop.

Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses?
Etsy ( and my blog

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