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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Day In Etsy

All of us sellers on etsy spend our days pretty much the same way I'm starting to think. We all obsess over our shops just like a brick and mortar shop would. We start our day by checking to see if we had a sales during the night and if we did, the dance begins and our days seems even a little brighter.
Most of us spend the rest of the day creating new pieces and again checking to see if we had any sales. Pretty much the daily ritual of the checking our email to see if there is any emails that need to be answered. We take many photos of our new pieces to add to our shop hoping that it's just the perfect angle or composition of pique a buyers interest.

Well, here is a treasury with some of my favorite brown pieces in the shops of the fellow team members of Artisan Beaders Team and the One A Day Challenge teams that I belong.

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Orion Designs said...

Hey Cori - have you been spying on me?? How else would you know what I do nearly everyday? You managed to summarize it perfectly - LOL!