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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NoraKaren Feature

Nora is on the "One A Day Challenge" Team that I'm also a member. Her shop is filled with great hand painted clothing with peacocks and other beautiful art work. Here is the link to browse her

Here are some interesting things about Nora and her business.
1. How long have you been crafting? I believe art runs like blood in my family members.My dad was a very good designer and painter. I used to sit close to him just to observe him draw.This family bond led to a more creative path in my career. After high school I needed to choose a career and I went for graphic design but I always wanted something more crafty. So I finished my career and I opened a printing store. But still wasn't what I was looking for. I found my dream when I worked for a fashion designer here in Florida, USA.
2. What feeds your imagination?I get inspiration from nature and today's fashion trends. I translate creation in everything I can . That's part of my nature. But probably the areas that help me express more are related to painting, fabrics, drawing, sewing, crocheting, singing, music, raising my kids (that really needs inspiration!)
3. What made you decide to make your crafting a business?in 2007, I was blessed to find out that I was pregnant. With news like that, I decided to quit my full time job and reopen my business. " It's all for good for those who believe in God!"
My business gives me the freedom to express myself and do what I feel to do, and create and fullfil a purpose in life. It is also a channel to show to others and to receive feedback from other artist. One thing is create and other one, very different is to sell what you create. And your business puts you to the test of seeing yourself not only as a designer/creator/artist but also as someone willing to manage/promote/carry the consecuences. So I really like having my own business , it opened my mind to the rush I feel everytime I have to handle any of those areas. What a feeling!
4. How did you find etsy?My wonderful sister in law Fern owns a very sucessful shop on etsy called thirtyonedesigns and she introduced it to me....and I loved it...since then I can't sleep anymore without thinking of Etsy.
5. What is your goal for your business 1 year from now?my goal is having my business running smothly after all the promotion and hard work
6. Do you sell your products on other sites or businesses?You can find my work on etsy, ecrater, dawanda, redbubble, and a number of other small web pages. Locally, I sell in stores around Boca Raton , Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Deerfiled Beach (all in Palm Beach County) and participate in shows and fairs in Florida, most recently at Miami and Island Fest -TAMPA.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

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Beautiful! I love peacocks! :)