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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My First Blog Contest Giveaway

I'm hosting my first blog prize giveaway. I'm giving away these earrings to the lucky person that will be picked by putting all of the names in a hat.
My requests for you to be eligible are for you to visit my shop on etsy.

(1.) I would like a critique on my jewelry. I would like one good comment and one bad comment. I will work on the bad comments to make them better. Everybody wants their shop to be as best as they can right?

(2.) Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact the winner. You may email me at if you aren't comfortable leaving it on my blog.

I will be holding this event through September 15. I will post the winner on September 16. I will also be holding a give away each month until the end of the year. So make sure to come back again.


Ellen said...

Ooh, I'm the first! OK, I love your banner and all your photographs. They really show off your jewelry well. The "bad" critique... not so much bad, but adding metric to your measurements would be useful, as would adding "international" as a tag, since you do ship internationally. Yes, I would love to receive your newsletter. (I'll email you my email address.)

janetfaye said...

You have an excellent assortment of beautiful jewelry.

You also have very good prices.

I added you to my favorites.

I really cannot say anything is bad but I would prefer to see your beautiful jewelry in side by side frames instead of the long list.

I think it is easier to view side by side.

Thank you!
janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Erika said...

1) I like your jewelry ... I like how it is unique and not your typical store bought boringness... my only critique would be stay away from that coppery colored stuff... but that might just be more of a preference ;-) I like the silver instead.


ana carina said...

How generous!

Well I love this ring:

I love the colors and it's simplicity.
I think you should try to improve your photos, they're a little blurry.
Maybe take them outside, with better lighting!

my e-mail is


Inky Productions said...

Your colors choices are excellent and your designs are fresh. Snazzier photos- they're very clean, but I think the opening shot should have more pizazz in some cases.

siggykag at gmail dot com

Sweet 'n Sassy Baby said...

You have beautiful jewelry! Great selection, variety and prices. The only criticism I could possibly give is that a few of the pics were a tiny but blurry. Love the pics on the calendar by the way.

Carapace said...

Wow, just seven commenters? Good odds so far!

I really like your wire wrap work,especially the herringbone earrings. You do a good job of highlighting the stones without covering them.

The Bad:
You have a lot of earrings. Four pages! That's a lot to look through for a browser. Maybe they could be further divided? Posts, hangers, color..I don't know. But I believe in the power of sections, I do.
And I agree about the photos. Maybe some tighter closeups of the earrings, especially. Or a picture of them with a reference object (dime or something)?

Rainy said...

You have a really good variety of items. Your shop is really organized with the sections. For something to improve on, how about adding things to show the scale of your jewelry, such as taking a picture with a ruler for the 4th or 5th picture.
My email is my sn at gmail.

AlisonWonderland said...

you've got a great variety in what you offer, but some of the pictures, especially of the earrings could be a bit sharper.

BeadedTail said...

Very pretty earrings! I checked out your shop and one good thing is your incredible variety offered. You have something for everyone and I love the uniqueness of your pieces. I just learned wire wrapping so I'm always impressed to see how well others are able to do it!

One bad thing would be that some of your pictures are a little dark and aren't quite so sharp to see the detail. The macro setting on your camera might help with some of that. Also, some of the backgrounds are distracting from your beautiful jewerly.

You can convo me at Etsy if I'm lucky enough to win - my shop is BeadedTail!

bamabelle said...

VERY well made, imaginative jewelry.
I would like to see it on a more natural, organic background, (or the appearance of one) like a big rusty piece of flat metal, or a weathered flat rock.etc. Even a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like a weathered rock !

blueviolet said...

You have a huge variety of jewelry and you have plenty in each category: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. I appreciate having a big choice and it gives me a better feel for your style. I would love to see more substantial earring styles. You have lots of intricate and involved dangling ones but not so many that make a big bold chunky statement without being all spread out in a dangling design. Also, perhaps the pics could be closer or show more detail or something.Thanks for the giveaway!

Deborah said...

hello...congrats on your first giveaway! i love the range of your shop...i think it really speaks to a wide range of demographics.....something i think would help, would be to list/renew in a way that each line tells a many of your pieces could be mixed and matched that maybe if you had them in groupings, like bracelet necklace and earrings that look good together, then on the next listing, maybe reverse the order and go with a different colorway...but same philosophy....maybe that too would increase multiple sales....

i too think some of your photos are dark...i try, but don't always accomplish, having the same tonal qualities in each photo {for the first listing photo} so it doesn't seem....dark, light, dark, dark, get the idea...or slightly pink, alittle grey, kinda blue....and this can be adjusted in the editing process. if you are taking pics indoors...make sure you use a true color lightbulb, or a "natural daylight" lamp...that will help a ton!


Pamela Angus said...

You have a really pretty selection of jewellery - the garden party piece especially! It would be nice to see more of your earrings displayed hanging on something, a glass maybe to vary the look of the pictures (good for getting picked up for treasuries!!)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I love all your jewelry especially the wire wrapped pieces. That blue wrap around bracelet.

I think the name in your banner is a little blurry.

Overall, it's a nice shop.

Susan Schrock said...

Hi - I love how you have a huge variety of jewelry pieces to pick from and that your items are not photographed all in the same way.

For improvement, some of the lighter colored pieces of jewelry could be photographed on a darker backdrop so they show up better.

kim said...

I love all your earings!
The pictures do not seem that clear when you click to make bigger though.

butterflydesign1 said...

I love the bright photos and your banner too. The earrings are beautiful.
Negatives are hard to find ;-).In some of the photos the beads are not even, but that's just me.
Also, the photos get blurry when enlarged.

Johanna Morris said...

I am very impressed with your talent. It shines through your beautiful designs! The only negative thing that comes to mind is the fact that some of your pictures may be a little dark.

Leah said...

I really like copper, so I do think your pieces are lovely. I'd post a close up photo first in the wine glass pendants section. My pc screen is small sometimes I can't be bothered clicking something if it dosen't catch my eye right away.