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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 15 One a day challenge

Well, today was a real challenge. I think sometimes wire has a way of being obnoxious. It just wouldn't cooperate for anything today. I really thought I was going to have to give up on today's project and create something less of a challenge. I just couldn't let the wire win so I took a break and finally made it happen. Oh my, Am I so glad I continued on the project. It is one of my most favorite wire wrapped cabochons I have ever wrapped. It is so beautiful! It is a 1 1/2" round in diameter Chrysanthemum gemstone cabochon that I wire wrapped in copper coated artistic brand wire. I love the swirls on the bottom. Here is the pendant.

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Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

Nicely done, Cori! I really like the stone you used. The color of it with the wire is stunning!