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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sjpring Flowers Necklace

With everybody now having spring fever, I thought it was a great time to create a new necklace depicting a flower. I really love flowers, and I don't really have one particular favorite. I really do love giant zinnias. It is the perfect time of the year to take a drive a see so many beautiful colorful flowers in people's yards. Well it will soon be everywhere, but not yet. So I have these visions in my sleep when I have an idea on my mind that I wan t to create. I know, it's silly, but true. I have some pastel seed bead assortment strands that I thought would be the perfect start to this necklace. I wanted to create a pendant on it that looked like a vine of flowers. So here is the necklace that I came up with. I really like it and thought it would be perfect for the etsyBEAD theme of the week, which is "Spring Bouquet". So the bonus is that it's also on sale for the debut in my shop.

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