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Friday, March 14, 2008

A Day In My Studio

Today I spent the day mainly playing mediator between my dog (Tax) and my bird (Gumba). Tax has decided that would be fun to try to bite her tail, and Gumba just would like to beak him if he would just get close enough to her.
Gumba enjoys sitting on her perch in my work studio keeping me company and making her bird noises. She used to talk a lot more, but her lack of interaction has made her somewhat quiet and not herself. I'm hoping that by keeping her with me during the day it will get her talking again. I have had Gumba for 15 years. It's funny how long a parrot can live. They can actually live as long as a person depending on their health. I really didn't know that when I got her, but I'm happy to have her.

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