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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm a treasury on the front page

I finally made it in a treasury that made the front page. This treasury was curated by blockpartypress at The theme was called succotash, and it was an awesome selection of fall colors. It was soo exciting to see that convo telling me my orange delight bracelet was on the front page. Time to do the happy dance! I couldn't believe the amount of views it was getting, somewhere around 400! I went to bed and to my surprise it sold. It was time for a second round of happy dances.

Monday, October 15, 2007

EtsyBEAD new theme of the week is "Get Wired"

The weekly theme for the etsyBEAD is "Get Wired". This weeks theme is October 14 to October 21. We have our thread in the etsy forum to read and keep up with the updates through out the week, where you can see the links to all discounted jewelry. Use the tags "ebtw" and "get wired" in etsy. There are many talented jewelry designers with beautiful jewelry that is discounted for you to save. I have a couple of jewelry items that I have discounted for you to save, whether you are shopping for holiday gifts or birthday. The title is linked to my theme of the week section. Feel free to click on it and browse my section. All other participating member have their themed jewelry in a section named as "Theme of the week".