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Monday, September 24, 2007

Overpass Ceremony Craft Show

This past weekend I did a craft show in Moscow Mills, Missouri, which is close to my hometown. The reason for the craft show was for a new overpass ceremony. I was invited by the Chamber of Commerce in Moscow Mills. I really felt honored when I found out that I was invited to be a crafter for this show, mainly because I'm a small business and I don't have a Brick in Mortar nor am I in the phone book. I was told they found one of my business cards in a restaurant where I had them in a business card holder. I was really excited also because they were only inviting a limited number of jewelry designers. I bought a tent because I didn't have one and I knew I didn't want to stand in the sun. The only thing that was a pain was that there was a wind that kept blowing my displays over. I finally lost the battle and left them to lie flat on the table. In the afternoon the wind had almost died down and I was able to stand my necklace displays up. It turned out to be a pretty good craft show for me. I was also lucky enough to have a local boutique owner ask me if I would like to consign my jewelry in her shop. I thought that would be a great opportunity to be able to consign in another shop. So I do hope it will work out with her when she gets her shop open. Well here are a couple of pictures of me at the craft show. I really hate getting my picture taken because I think they always look bad.


Simply Wired said...

Nice work on the craft show! I've been wanting to look into them, but I just feel I'll never get enough time to put a display together, figure out how to set it up, etc. Yours looks really nice! I think it's really great that you were invited based on a card that you left at a restaurant. Congrats and good luck with more of ' the dirt on your blog, because I like reading about the show stuff, especially if I one day venture into that realm. :oD

Brenda said...

I think it's great the way you were invited for the craft show. That in itself shows just how talented you are with your craft and how beautiful your jewelry really is. I'm happy for you that it all went over really good! And your pics are great! :)