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Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm featured in 4 treasuries

Today is a lucky day for me. I am featured in 4 treasuries. This week is our etsyBEAD theme of the week sale "dressed up denims". Two of the treasuries are related to the theme. The top treasury was curated by VickiOrion. My bracelet is on the bottom right corner. The bracelet is called my "Orange Delight Bracelet". The second treasury was curated by cassowaryjewelry. My pendant in on the third row in the middle. The pendant is titled "Turquoise wire-wrapped pendant". The third treasury was curated by Gillianbeads. My earrings are on the second row on the left. They are title "heart and blue chandelier earrings". The fourth treasury was curated by Adornmentsbybj. My charm bracelet is on the second row on the left. That bracelet is titled "caramel charm bracelet". That is the most treasuries I have every been in at one time! A new record for me.

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