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Thursday, June 7, 2007


My name is Cori. CCDesign (Cori's Creative Designs. I have been designing and making my jewelry for a little more than 10 years this is something that I love to do. I started out my jewelry venture as a hobby. And as in most hobbies it has evolved into a business. People were always saying how much they loved my jewelry and how I should start selling. So, I did and people that bought my jewelry said they got so many compliments on their new treasure. I did home jewelry parties. I had the most fun. I offered a percentage to the host of the sales from the party. We played a game that involved the guests to find items in the purse beginning with a certain letter. I always gave a small gift the the person with the most points.
I later consigned in small boutiques, tanning salons and consignment shops. I still do consignment.
This year I really decided to get into the internet world and sell my jewelry. What a great experience I am getting. I never realized the work and detail that goes into trying to sell online. I have become computer literate to some degree, have learned how to become a better photographer, marketing my jewelry online is a real challenge. The jewelry business is very saturated in todays world. So I'm a very small fish in a huge pond. My goal is to grow!
My main focus is building my shop on etsy,
I hope you will take a look. And thanks for checking me out.

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