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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Copper Bangles

Well, now that the holidays are over. I have been making a few new bangles to list on my etsy shop. I made 5 new copper bangle bracelets. Each of these bangles will be added to etsy in the next few days. So far I have 3 bangles listed, a black and copper bangle bracelet,a blue sparkle copper bangle and a blue and brown copper bangle bracelet.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Wonderland

The etsyBEAD team has a weekly theme. This week we decided to extend our theme sale until the end of the year. The theme is "Winter Wonderland", so you will see many pieces are icy, and cool! I was lucky enough to grab a treasury to highlight some of my favorite jewelry pieces for this theme. The jewelry in this treasury is designed by my talented friends on the team and the jewelry is on sale. I hope you find a new treasure to add to your collection.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is the new theme for the estyBEAD team. We have decided to extend our sale until December 29. We normally have our theme sale last for a week. I hope you will find time to browse my shop and the other etsyBEAD teams sale items. I have a few of my favorite pieces of icy and silver jewelry on sale. Here are a few, you can also click on the title that will take you right to my shops Theme of the week section.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


This week is the etsyBEAD BOGO sale. There are many participating members. I am included, and currently I have 114 jewelry pieces to choose from so I hope you will click on the title the link that will take you right to my shop for your shopping pleasure. This is a great time of the year to save on some of those gifts you may be looking to purchase for a friend, loved one, or even yourself. Why not shop now you can buy one item at regular price and get the other one at a great discount of 50% off.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Magic

Here are few of my selections for this week's theme of the week. This week the etsyBEAD team is featuring jewelry with holiday spirit, Red, Green, sparkle and anything that would be great for a holiday party. I have a great pair of earrings with a little holly, a red wrap around memory wire bracelet, a pearl necklace. Everybody could use a pearl necklace anytime of the year. I also have a couple more pieces of jewelry included in the sale. The link at the top of the page is set for you to click to my esty shop section titled Theme of the Week. I hope you find something that you would like to have as your new treasure. Thanks for stopping to read my blog and hope your holidays are wonderful. Peace to you and your family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Few New Jewelry Additions

I have been making bangle bracelets for a while. It seems like my bracelets are my best selling pieces of jewelry on etsy so I figured I better make more so there is a choice for buyers to choose from. I enjoy wire-wrapping and I really love the outcome of each new bangle even though they take a while to make. The time factor doesn't bother me because time goes so fast when I'm involved working with wire. I hope you like my newest bangles and will want to have one of your very own. The tile will take you to my bracelet section on etsy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Jewelry Photos

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over more people will be shopping for some Christmas gifts. My goal between now and the New Year is to add more jewelry everyday so my shop will have a lot to choose from. I am also in the process of retaking my photos. I really have learned so much about taking pictures of jewelry since I joined Etsy. I have been looking at the first pictures when I joined Etsy and they aren't very clear and don't really do my jewelry any justice. So I have been retaking many pictures of my jewelry, hopefully the pictures will now do some justice to them. I know people don't want to buy jewelry if the pictures don't look very good. Here are a couple of the pictures I have retaken.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Tutorial on how to wire wrap a loop

I was given the opportunity to post on our team blog a tutorial about wire-wrapping a loop. I thought I would make this a series of tutorials for those beaders who needed some lessons on wire-wrapping. I decided that my first in this series would be on how to wire-wrap a loop. I have taken pictures for each example in these easy to follow steps.
Step 1. Cut a piece of wire 4" long. Bend your wire at a 90 degree angle at 1 1/4".
Step 2. Using your round nose pliers, position your pliers at the bend and turn your wrist to form a loop.
Step 3. This step requires using both hands and 2 pair of pliers. Using your duck bill pliers, position your pliers over the loop you just made. With your needle nose pliers, grip the tail end of your wire, making sure your loop is round and your wire is at a 90 angle. Now start wrapping your wire at least 3 wraps, making sure each wrap is tight against the last wrap and that you maintain your wire at a 90 angle to keep your wire straight and even.
Step 4. Add your beads and leave about 1/4 of wire. Your space needs to be long enough to make 3 wraps between the beads and the loop, but more more than. Bend your wire 90 degrees and wrap the wire the same way as you did in step 3.
Step 5. Cut your wire tails as close as possible to the wraps and using your needle nose pliers smooth your wire ends against the wraps.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Redesigned Jewelry

This past month I have been doing craft shows in the local area. It is important when doing a craft show to have some jewelry pieces that people will want to buy on an impulse. I always have some necklaces that are everyday, go with anything type of necklace that are priced for that type of purchase. Currently,I have several of these necklaces in my inventory and had been wanting to redesign a couple to see if they might be better and sell faster. Even, I get tired of looking at the same inventory after a while. Well, I have this great fall color necklace in 14kt gold filled wired wrapped necklace that is a simple design with red jasper oval gemstones. It didn't seem to go over as a plain Jane necklace so I decided to redesign this necklace and add a herringbone wire wrapped focal bead. I had been wanting to do this for a while and this necklace was perfect, and I had just made a pair of earrings that would go great with this necklace. So here is what I came up with. Check out my shop for additional views of this necklace and earrings. They are currently sold separately, but if you are interested in both I will give you a discount on your purchase.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Fire and Ice"

Fire and Ice. This week the etsyBEAD team chose "Fire and Ice" as our weekly theme. I have a couple of jewelry pieces that are great choices for the sale. I also decided to create a new piece of jewelry for the sale. I really love to design earrings, so I decided to make a pair of earrings and oxidize them. I have been wanting to oxidize a piece of jewelry for a while. I wire-wrapped 6mm red jade gemstones along a zig zag shaped wire. I used my tumbler to harden, polish and clean the earrings. I then oxidized them to give them a great contrasting look. I named these earrings "Cherry Stix". I hope you will stop by my etsy shop to check out my sale items. I have a link provided to make it easy for you, just click on the title and it will take you to my etsy shop section "theme of the week" jewelry. Thanks again for stopping by.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Treasury "Working with the the chain gang"

I love to create a treasury when they come available. I have been checking for what seems like days to find that there has been 5 or 6 hours waits. I always manage to forget to check back or it past a reasonable hour of the day to try to perform this task. Today was a lucky day, only an hour wait. The new theme for etsyBEAD this week is chain jewelry. We have chosen "Chain Gang" as our theme tag. If you get a chance to browse etsy in the next 2 days you can click on the title, because it is a clickable link for your convenience. I chose a few of my friends jewelry and other team members jewelry for this treasury. We really have a talented group of members and this holiday season you might need to find a friend a piece of jewelry or you might want to buy yourself a gift. Thanks for checking!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

EstyBEAD theme of the week "Chain Gang"

This week our theme of the week sale is the "chain gang". I have a few pieces of jewelry for this theme, but not as many as I would like. A couple of my favorite pieces of jewelry that would be great for the sale, I'm sending to a consignment shop on Tuesday. I am planning to make a new lariat, and add it to the sale by the end of the week. If you stop by my etsy shop to see what's on sale, maybe you can find time to stop by twice and see the new additions for the sale. The title above is a clickable link that will take you directly to my theme of the week section on esty. There are some great savings on jewelry that would make some great gifts for yourself or friends and family. Shown here is just a few of what I have to offer for the sale, 3 pair of earrings and a sterling silver bali chain necklace.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tiger Eye Wire Wrapped Ring

I had been wanting to learn how to wire wrap rings using Eni Oken's techniques. I checked out her designs for over a year and finally decided that I was skilled enough to make one of those beautiful rings. I studied the tutorial for at least 2 weeks before I even got up the nerve to tackle the ring and the intense wire wrapping involved. I spent a couple of days working on the same set of steps for a couple more days before I was happy with the results. This ring is a tiger eye ring with a 20mm tiger eye cabochon. It is wrapped with all sterling silver wire. The ring is a size 8. Now to find this ring a new home. The title is a clickable link, which will bring to the listing on etsy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Treasury " Lovely Pearls"

This week the estyBEAD theme is "Pearls", and the sale is October 28 to November 3. I was lucky enough to visit the treasury a find that treasuries would be available to curate in a few minutes. I wanted to feature my favorite pieces of jewelry that were on sale and also include some of my friends. I think you find some great sales this week and an awesome selection of beautiful jewelry. This link on the title is clickable for the next couple of days if you would like to visit this treasury on etsy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Jewelry Additions

This week's etsyBEAD holiday sale has motivated me to designs some new jewelry to list on my esty website. They are on sale for extra savings. I decided to make a couple pair of earrings, necklace and earrings set and a new bracelet. One pair of the earrings I used the holiday theme. The second pair of earrings I used some Rhodonite leaf shape briolettes. The bangle is a wire- wrapped design that will be great for any occasion. My necklace set is really cool with the large white glass heart and black seed beads to accent this necklace.I have been working on some new wire-wrapping techniques and incorporated them in the earrings and new rings. The rings I haven't had a chance to take the photos, so I will add them at a later date. The title is a clickable link to my etsy website.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm a treasury on the front page

I finally made it in a treasury that made the front page. This treasury was curated by blockpartypress at The theme was called succotash, and it was an awesome selection of fall colors. It was soo exciting to see that convo telling me my orange delight bracelet was on the front page. Time to do the happy dance! I couldn't believe the amount of views it was getting, somewhere around 400! I went to bed and to my surprise it sold. It was time for a second round of happy dances.

Monday, October 15, 2007

EtsyBEAD new theme of the week is "Get Wired"

The weekly theme for the etsyBEAD is "Get Wired". This weeks theme is October 14 to October 21. We have our thread in the etsy forum to read and keep up with the updates through out the week, where you can see the links to all discounted jewelry. Use the tags "ebtw" and "get wired" in etsy. There are many talented jewelry designers with beautiful jewelry that is discounted for you to save. I have a couple of jewelry items that I have discounted for you to save, whether you are shopping for holiday gifts or birthday. The title is linked to my theme of the week section. Feel free to click on it and browse my section. All other participating member have their themed jewelry in a section named as "Theme of the week".

Friday, October 12, 2007

EtsyBEAD Holiday Sale

The estyBEAD team is having a holiday sale. This sale will run from October 21 to October 27. We have 50 participating members that will be having a special in our shops. We have a weekly thread in the promotions section, if you are interest in stopping by. We also have a special avatar for the sale. Stop by and check out our sale, because we have a lot of jewelry to choose from.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New theme of the week is harvest time.

Our etsyBEAD theme of the week is harvest time. Fall is a really great time of the year for gemstones that you can coordinate with your winter wardrobe. I love the peachy and earthy color tones for this time of the year. Many of my jewelry pieces probably feel left out all summer long waiting for the season change to get worn. I have several jewelry pieces that I have reduced the prices on for the sale. The top link will take you to me theme of the week section to see all of my sale items. Here are a couple that I have on sale. To see all of our etsyBEAD teams jewelry visit etsy and use the tags ebtw and or harvest time. These two necklaces are on sale and at a great price.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sapphire Crystal Necklace

This week etsyBEAD theme of the week is crystals. I love jewelry with crystal components, they add so much sparkle and beauty to a piece of jewelry. This necklace is one I have for the theme of the week is my Sapphire Crystal Necklace. This necklace is perfect to wear for any occasion whether is be for the upcoming holiday parties, prom or everyday wear. You will love it and so will your friends.I also have my Oriental Flower Necklace set. This has 2 crystal rondelles in the front flanking the focal beads. The necklace has been wrapped with clover links with matching earring. To view all of my theme of the week jewelry, just click on the title and it will take you to my shop on etsy theme of the week section.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ribbon Jewelry Pouch Tutorial

Ribbon jewelry pouch tutorial. This ribbon pouch is an inexpensive way to package your jewelry, and looks beautiful. I used these pouches during my craft show for my buyers new treasures. These work great for small jewelry purchases such as a pair of earrings, an anklet or even a bracelet. You will need to buy ribbon with a wire edge, the ribbon pictured is 2 1/2" wide. You will also need to hot glue the edges. First take your ribbon and cut a piece 7" long. Step 2 fold 1/2" in on the top and bottom edge and glue them down. The wire edge will help hold them in place. Step 3 fold 2 1/2" inches more so you will have the remaining ribbon for your flap. Glue side edges down. And viola, you have a beautiful gift pouch to accent jewelry purchases.